OpenShift 3.9 missing Webconsole

Getting started with OpenShift 3.9 differs from the prior versions. The OpenShift webconsole, which was provided by default in the past, seems to be no longer shipped and enabled by default. Trying to access via reveals the following (unhelpful) message:

missing service (service “webconsole” not found)
missing route (service “webconsole” not found)

Digging through GitHub issues reveals, that this behavior is intentional and the users have to deploy the Webconsole manually from now (at least if not relying on the official Ansible automation). The required deployment / route / service configurations are provided in the official OpenShift Origin repository. Running the following commands gets you up and running with a fresh webconsole under OpenShift Origin 3.9:

$ git clone
$ echo "Optionally checkout the specific version you are trying to get running"
$ oc login -u system:admin
$ oc create namespace openshift-web-console
$ # Customize install/origin-web-console/console-config.yaml before running the following command
$ # Replace with you own IP / domain if you are not running locally
$ oc process -f install/origin-web-console/console-template.yaml -p "API_SERVER_CONFIG=$(cat install/origin-web-console/console-config.yaml)" | oc apply -n openshift-web-console -f -

Fortunately the uggly error message will most probably disappear in subsequent releases. There is an open PR dealing with it: Bug 1538006 – Improve error page when console not installed

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